My 19th May, 2018 WhatsApp broadcast

It’s been awhile😋, I know you are good👊.

I’m sorry I’ve been incommunicado since the year 2018 began🤦‍, just doing my best to make you proud of me. Thank God you are doing great too.

I have a feeling that you are enjoying your weekend. I have a lot of gist for you o😎, bhettt there are some questions running through my mind for some days now, let me share some of such questions with you;

Do you think your life would have been better than this if your parents had more money to send you to the best of schools in the world?💭

Okay, try to imagine where you will be today if you have all the luxuries that enhance positive thinking, eat nutritious balance diet🍽, lived in a more beautiful conducive environment🏘, have all the time needed with your parent(s), enjoy good demonstrable spiritual lessons from home and church, etc

Hon. Psalm, what are you driving at❓

Hummm, with what you are doing today, will your children have different result from yours?

I mean with what you are spending money on today will your children go to a better school than the ones you attended? Will they have a better life than what you are experiencing now? How easy will it be for your children to do great and mighty things with your present investment in them?💭

It is good to invest for your children, it is better to invest in them, however it is best to invest for and in your children.

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Maybe I am inquisitive but what if life operates on the computer science principle; garbage in, garbage out?

See, we are stakeholder in what our children turn out to be in life, God so much trust us that HE brought them to this world through us for a particular purpose, we must do everything possible not to disappoint God.

Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. Invest in your children so that they can live a better life than yours and so that they can make the world better than they met it.


God is available to help, we also must play our part with in all honesty.

Or what do you think?

Any gist for me? Me, I have lots of gist for you o.

Oooops! So, you don’t have this contact again and you are curious about who this person is, okay I will clear your doubt.

My name is ATOYEBI Samuel, a Statistical Consultant at DSK statistical Consult Ltd. (
Instagram/Facebook: @hon.psalm
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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